Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New


Did you have fun last night??

Did you drink too much??

Did you stay up and count in the New Year??

Were you a universal party go-er and welcome in the New Year for Japan, Australia, India, Spain, Iceland and the United States??

Do you have a hang-over??

If you want my answers....they can all be summed up in one word....Nope.

Okay, maybe the first one was an "Okay."

Mark and I, the ultimate party animals that we are, made a homemade pizza last night (which is always fabulous of course), watched an old episode of "The Closer" that's been on the DVR for 2 months, let the fire in the fireplace smoke up the house so much the smoke alarm went off, aired out the house, got headaches from the smoke, and went to bed by 9:30 p.m.

We    R.O.C.K.

Aren't you jealous?

I'm somewhat jealous of all my friends posting NYE pictures on Facebook looking like they are having one hell of a time. I'm just too lazy to stay up that late just to celebrate the passing of midnight. And I can't drink. Which means I also won't have a hangover...or a blood sugar episode....YAY!

But I hope all of my friends had a very safe and very Happy New Year celebration.

Have you made your resolution(s)? Want to lose weight? Take more time off? Go on an exotic vacation? Be a nicer person? Good luck with that. They say less than 10% of resolutions are actually kept. That's why I made mine in December. It's a December resolution, not a New Year resolution. So I'm already on the right track!

My goal for this year is to do more cross training. I started a few weeks ago with some light power yoga. I got gutsy yesterday and went for a 4 circuit weight lifting extravaganza. Needless to say that today, I can't sit down on the toilet without nearly passing out.

I find it hilarious that I can run 13.1 miles, but I can't do a "regular" push-up more than 4 times without losing form. I have to do the girly ones. And even then, when I get to 10, I have to take a break. I did a total of 40 yesterday. In addition to avoiding the toilet today, I can't lift my arms, but lucky for you, my fingers can still type!

Okay, since this one hasn't been my hilarious rant about something going wrong in life (don't worry, I'm saving up to bust it out on a windows store in West Knoxville), I feel the need to leave you with this little bit of info.

I HATE being cold. I HATE being chilled. So, guess how much I love having to go to states like Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin and Minnesota from December through April. If you're still wondering, let me make it clear for you...I HATE IT!!!

You with me now?

I've worn UnderArmour Base 2.0 in the past, with about 3 more layers (and a North Face tri-climate coat) on top of it. And still got cold.

So, I've invested in heavier and more base layers. I went with an UnderArmour Base 4.0 (anxiously awaiting it's arrival!) and thought I'd try a Patagonia base called Capilene. All the hunters up north swear by it (according to some random hunter's forum I found on the web). A friend recommended a discount outlet for outdoor gear ( - I highly recommend it!). And I found some Capilene 3 on sale!! The only problem was that the top and the bottom in the size I wanted were only on sale (50%) if I got a teal blue color. Saving a total of $50 was more important than caring what color my long underwear was.

EXCEPT, the Capilene arrived yesterday. And I tried it on. And I laughed. And I'm still laughing. You want to laugh with me???

Remember the TellaTubbies? Was there a teal blue one? Well, pretend there was.....and put my head on it.

Sorry, no pics. Never.

From now on....I'm only ordering black base layers. On sale or not.

OH!! And just a little FYI for all of those that do not care....I ran a total of 549 miles last year!

Gotta run......

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