Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Deep-fried diabetes

Today's Miles: 1.5 miles on the steady tready.

Do you have a life altering disease?

No? Good for you!

Oh wait, what was that? Oh, yes, you do? I'm sorry. But why the hell didn't you share it with the world? It's OUR business to know YOUR health so that WE can criticize YOUR choices!

I didn't tell ANYONE about my diabetes for nearly one year after my diagnosis. NO ONE. Not family. Not friends. Not the random guy I past on the street. NO ONE. Why not? Maybe it was because it was simply no one's F***ing business??? Or maybe it was just because the random guy on the street could care less.

But seriously - the reason I didn't tell anyone is because I knew that "the telling" of the disease would be followed with "the questions" about the disease. And I didn't have the answers. I had to figure it out on my terms. I had to figure out how to continue to live my life, be happy, enjoy the little things, and still eat.

Oh, that's the shitter about having type 2 diabetes.....you just can't stop eating!? You can't just eliminate sugar and be cured! Each individual with the disease has tolerance levels, triggers, & hands-off food. Each individual has to figure these things out on their terms. Having some third party (doctor, nutritionist, family member, nosy neighbor that knows all) tell you all about what you CAN'T eat does not help.

Oh, and guess what.....it's not just obesity that causes type 2 diabetes. I have obese friends that do no have diabetes....but I do! Does it put you at a higher risk factor? Yep. But your genetics have a lot to do with it. Your age has a lot to do with it. Other diseases and medications that you take also can trigger type 2 diabetes. Don't you DARE hear "so-and-so" has diabetes....and assume....Well, she must be a fat-ass. 

Call me a fat-ass and see what happens. I guarantee I'm fit enough to make you regret that statement. I've run 2 half-marathons. I've run several 5K's and 10K's. Until this latest foot injury, I ran 4 times a week for 2-6 miles a run. I'm still running 3 times a week at low mileage, but also lifting weights and strength training. My bad cholesterol is low. My good cholesterol is high. My blood pressure is on the low side of normal. My resting heart rate is 52. I'm only 10 lbs overweight according to my doctor. So....am I unhealthy? Am I an obese slob that can't walk away from a Krispy Kreme? Not hardly.

And guess what, most doctors are IGNORANT on type 2 diabetes. My doctor wanted to immediately put me on drugs and injections.....Uh....no thank you very much! I watched my Pappaw's blood sugar swing higher and lower than my nephew on the playground on a daily basis because of his medication. And I saw how that effected him....Not.Pretty. I wanted no part of that. So, against my doctor's advice, I told him to shove those drugs wherever he would like to experience the side-effects and let me figure this out on my terms. I mean, it wasn't like it was going to kill me within the next 6 months.

In fact, it took nearly a year to figure out I did not have full-blown type 2 diabetes. My doctors were SO on top of it. I have hyperinsulinemia with hypoglycemia. (Look it up if you want to get technical about it). The everyday reality is that if I eat something with super high levels of sugars/simple carbs (or a lot over a days time), my blood sugar will spike, then bottom out. It also means that I have to eat a regular intervals to keep from bottoming out as well. However, exercise is a HUGE advantage and allows me to eat those things that I probably shouldn't but living life without them is depressing....who wants to live without cake and ice cream???

It's a fun roller-coaster to live on everyday. Is it diabetes-like? Absolutely. Will it lead to full blown diabetes? Most likely. So far, despite my doctor's initial advice, I am able to control it (for the most part) with diet and exercise. I have my days where I realize....well, maybe I shouldn't have eaten that particular Chinese dish or maybe I shouldn't have eaten that ENTIRE dessert. But for the most part, I keep my sugar in check....without drugs. Not everyone is capable of doing this. And that's okay. Medication is not right for ME at THIS time. I know there will likely come a day where in order to live a fully & happy life, medication will be necessary. But not yet, not for me.

But back to the point of this blog....if you haven't heard, The Queen of Butter, Mrs. Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes...and she's known about it for 3 years!! GASP!!! She should be battered and deep-fried for lying to her fans!!

Seriously people. It's none of your flipping business if Paula's got type 2 diabetes or gonorrhea. Does she have a cooking show that involves deep frying, batter, butter and sugar....yep. Does she say SHE eats like this every day? Nope. And really - did you REALLY think she ate like that daily? She'd weigh 700 lbs!! Does she say YOU should eat like that every day? NO. Come on people. Get off your high horse and look in the mirror.

If you eat 'clean' every day of your life....well....good for you!! I personally like eating a piece of cake or pie or biscuits and gravy and breaded and fried chicken. But I also like salads, vinaigrettes, & fresh vegetables. I cook low-calorie meals. But I also cook high-calorie meals. I'm making lasagna for dinner tonight WITH garlic breadsticks! (GASP!!!) 

Guess I should be deep fried too for promoting high-calorie meals. You want to throw someone else in for fun? You should read my friend Rachael Burkhart's blog ("Milk Cans and Cake Pans" - can't get the link to work...but look it up...Hilarious!).....you'd think that chick was F.A.T. with all that stuff she cooks, stews, bakes and fries. But guess what - she might weigh a buck10 soaking wet (or wearing 15 layers of UA and Carhartt while feeding cows during the winter). She's fit. She's trim. Just because she makes 3 dozen cookies....doesn't mean she eats them all!! (At least not in one setting) Just because she makes pies and cakes that would make Paula Deen swoon doesn't mean she eats the whole damn thing!

Sorry for the rant. But trying to bring someone down because they didn't tell YOU about THEIR health problems.... well for me today, that's the definition of being an ass.

Gotta run...