Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Am *THAT* Runner

Today's Miles: 8.2 miles running. Who knows how many more scurrying about the construction project.

So today was my very Long incredibly Slow almost 95% of it was a Run for the week. 

I woke up at 6:10 a.m. this morning so that I could get my run in early (before the sun, & heat, & my dad ready to start building deck). 

Charged Garmin last night. Check.

Charged iPod last night. Check.

Two pieces of toast with nutella. Check.

Fill up 4 water bottles for fuel belt. Check.

Fill up extra water bottle to stash in mail box. Check.

Pack Spibelt with dog treats. Check.

Fill pouch with chapstick, extra gum and Jelly Beans. Check.

Put on incredibly sexy Granny-style compression socks (that come clear up to my knees, but say "Adidas"). Check.

Hat. Check.

Snot/sweat rag tied around my wrist. Check.

iPod arm band. Check.
I'm ready to go!! So I start out my run in the planning mode. What route should I take? I need to get back to the mailbox at 1/2 way to refill water bottles. So I'm thinking a 2 mile down & back, then run the Graves Rd loop. That should be 8 miles.

What's that? 

Oh wow!! Runners!! I NEVER see runners here!? Wonder who these guys are? Do they live close? Maybe we could run together sometime? Nahh, they look speedy. Svelt. They must not be going far. Only one small water bottle on a fuel belt. But this is so cool!! I'm so excited to see I'm not alone out here!! Oh, here they come. Better greet them.

"Good morning."

To my complete shock, one never makes eye contact and the other gives me this bizarre face twisted smile.

Well screw you then. Not even a smile. Really. How rude! Runners are suppose to at least acknowledge each other.

Then I start to think about this more. Here are 2 guys running. No shirt. No hat. Just running shorts and a fuel belt with minimal water. I know they don't live here - so they've either traveled some distance (and they were already pretty sweaty) or they are running LONG today. 

Hard. Core.

If they were female, they'd look similar to this:

I totally stole this photo from Jennie Vee's FB page. Though I don't know the other 2 ladies, I'm certain that these are the fastest women in Memphis. And VERY Hard.Core.

And here am I - with my 4 water bottles, pack full of dog treats. iPod arm band. Snot/sweat wiper rag tied to my wrist. Compression socks. I'm looking Anti.Hard.Core. More like this:

Again - completely stolen pic of Annoying Restaurant Waitress Wearing Too Many Buttons.

No wonder the guy gave me a weird smile!? 

But wait a minute! Aren't all runners suppose to be supportive of other runners - of all shapes, sizes and abilities? Yeah! They should!!

That's when it hit me. Like.A.Car.

When I started out running, I cranked up some Evanescence to get me revved up. And you can't listen to that softly. You crank it up. LOUDLY.

So I'm pretty sure that my very polite

"Good morning"

was more like


All Drill Sergeant style.

When I met these same guys again at 3.5 miles, I at least got an acknowledged smile from one. Silence from the one I yelled at earlier.

When the one I yelled at passed me at 7 miles (holy crap he was keeping good pace), he gave me a thumbs up and a polite "Good morning." 

Even with the insanity of me, I earned his respect for pounding out 7 miles! 

Guess that's something.

(Or maybe he saw I had one of my earbuds out and figured it was safe to talk to me now.)

Gotta Run.....