Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Today's Miles: 0, Recovery day 

I am blessed to have inherited many things from my father’s side of the family….my wise-guy nature quick wit, my movie-star long eyelashes that rarely need mascara (my dad's a beauty!), my height (yes, I consider 5’2” to be perfect), my Hill-Butt, my ability to be late for everything no matter how much time I allow for getting there, and I’m sure there are many other things I could brag about. However, this is not about bragging. This is about the one genetic defect in my father’s line….FLAT FEET

When I say flat….I’m talking flatter than Kansas flat. Flatter than a 2’x6’ flat. Flatter than concrete flat. Like almost inverted arches flat.

F.... L.... A.... T.... kind-of flat.     
There are more problems that come with flat feet besides having a hard time finding flip flops that don’t rub your foot raw. I’ve finally learned that all of those years spent in some kind of splint, cast, surgery, rehab, torn muscle, random mystery pain (welcome to the club Amy!), etc. from my ankle to my hip have all stemmed from …. You guessed it… my father’s greatest gift. 

This has all hit home in within the last year or so of running and new foot pains and the need for old-lady orthotics. I even have orthotic house shoes. Seriously. They are that bad.

So recently, I’ve developed a pain on the backside of my ankle. After much procrastination deliberation and concern, I sought the help of a professional….my new foot doctor. My regular one just retired, which sucks because I really liked her. 

The diagnosis:      Posterior Tibial Tendonitis and Peroneal Tendonitis
The treatment:     Reduce mileage, wear an aircast for 4 weeks, run in an aircast for 4 weeks, physical therapy 2-3 times per week
My reaction:      Consult the best medical professional I know….the internet (sound familiar JV?)

  • I found a brace for athletes that will provide ankle stabilization while participating in sports. Check!
  • I found a pair of funky compression socks that will reduce the swelling and inflammation in my lower legs from running. Check!
  • Meet with my physical therapist on Friday armed with a plan & convince her I know what I’m doing. Uh…Check?!
Luckily she runs ½ marathons so she can relate. I informed her I had a 5K planned for Saturday and that it was important to me. After showing her my glorious plan and convincing her I knew what I was doing...I heard her say she said “wear the lace-up brace and compression socks, ice immediately afterward, rest for the remainder of the day, ice more, stretch several times and start the rehab come Sunday.” I like this chick!

I’m pretty sure it was more like….”I’m going to advise you to not run. But I know you will anyway.” But I didn’t really hear all of that part.

My new accessory - the lovely AirCast.
Saturday morning – The Day of Reckonin (aka....The Man Run)
  • Rise and shine at 6:00 a.m. 
  • Eat a good breakfast of French toast & a piece of bacon (will not do that again…belching bacon at 3 miles is nasty). 
  • Somehow show up late and barely get there before the end of packet pickup at 7:45a.m. So I’m a nervous wreck thinking I’m not going to get there in time, plus all of the crap going through my head anyway.
My FB post for Saturday morning before the race:

Despite this annoying get-up. I'm going to kick this 5K's ass. Or it will kick mine. Either way. Someone's going home limping!

I was ready….mentally if not physically. And I'm battling my head anyway!

Race results:
  • Chip time was 32:28 for a 10:27 pace
  • 15th out of 27 in my age group
  • 76th female overall
  • 233rd out of 419 finishers
 Am I happy with that? When I just look at the numbers…not so much.

But when I think about how I felt mentally, and how I felt pushed beyond my comfort zone….YES!!!!!
And when I look at my splits and the elevation profile of that course….even bigger YES!!!!!

Mile 2 was pretty much uphill. A BIG hill.

This may have not been the best course to overcome a mental block on Racing and achieve a PR…..

That's about an 8% average grade from mile 1 to 1.5. Doesn't sound so bad?? Go run the hill on the backside of UT Hospital up by the Vet School farm and by the helipad. Then come talk to me about steep!

Due to 'the hill' and the ankle, there were some walk breaks and my hopes of a PR were OUT the window. But I kept pushing myself. When all else failed...I kept running. And walking when needed. But guess what? Despite the hill and the ankle and the walking breaks, I beat my mental monster and got a PR!

Here’s a little Kristy racing history:
  • February - Strawberry Plains 10K    1:19:01  12:43 pace
  • March -      Knoxville ½ Marathon    3:13:40  14:47 pace
  • August -     Hotter-N-Hell 5K             37:29  12:03 pace 
  • May -        KTC Expo 5K                  32:58   10:37 pace
  • July -         Carter Mill 10K               1:08:39  11:03 pace
  • August       The Man Run 5K               32:38   10:27 pace

I would have loved to have gone 30 or sub-30. But given the circumstances, it was not going to happen. I do think if I had been injury free, it would have been about 31:00, and if the course had been flatter…maybe a sub-30? I think next year, the 5K's I chose will be based on the course....not the date!

So, who kicked who's arse yesterday??

We’ll just call it a draw.

Gotta run....well, probably not today. I'll put some miles in tomorrow morning.

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  1. Kristy! I'm just now reading this!!! Congratulations on your PR! I can't believe you ran it with your foot all jacked up. I want you to rest now. HEAL and revel in the glory that is your new PR!!! You are awesome!