Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Can I get a pasta I.V. with a side of garlic bread?

Today's Miles: 3 miles at an easy pace on the treadmill....'cause I overslept...again....and didn't beat the 90F.

Before I start rambling on....that's me....kicking ass and taking a skirt!

Not really. Just a few seconds after crossing the Carter Mill Splash 10K finish line.

I have figured out that the longer the distances, the longer recovery time I need. So I have switched from a traditional 7-day plan to a 10-day plan. Most plans are set on a weekly schedule. Long runs on weekends (when you have more time), track work-outs during the week, etc. You basically get an 8-12 week schedule to prepare for a race. And most weekly plans only give you 2 rest days a week which I have struggled with. So, I decided on a whim to try a 10-day plan….this means I only run every other day. Long runs could be on Mondays (which would suck), track sessions maybe on a Sunday (which would suck more), and it takes longer than 8 weeks to prep for a race (which sucks the most). But right now….I’m feeling it.

Today I only did 3 miles. A measly 3. Not because I wasn’t feeling it. It’s just that is what is written on my training plan….so therefore, that’s what I did. You must stick with The Plan.

I’m training for a 15K (that’s 9.32 miles) in September in Wears Valley. I’m a little excited….it’s a ramp-up for the inaugural Marble City Half Marathon (that’s 21K or 13.1 miles) in Knoxville on November 6. 

Seriously….I’m doing another half? But this time, I’m ready!... Maybe….. I mean I’ve done one already..…so surely, I can do another….. Right?..... Really? …… Have I lost my mind..…again??


One thing about distance running I have learned is the importance of proper fueling prior to and during long runs. Nothing like running 7 miles and completely bonking at mile 4. Water is essential, obviously. But electrolyte replacement is just as important! Your carb stores are only going to go for so long, and despite what most people think….runners are not carb-gluttons. We don’t sit around all day drowning ourselves in spaghetti and fettuccine and bread. Though it would be SOOO wonderful.

My other issue is I…AM…A…SWEATER!

There. I admitted it. When I say “I’m a sweater” I mean: I sweat in places that are not just embarrassing, it’s just downright disgusting. I have often looked down after a work-out, a hike or just standing around outside on a hot summer day and asked myself….did I just pee my pants?

Evidence of sweat problem....and why you shouldn't give my husband a camera!

Knowing this is important to my running performance and for keeping my salt levels in balance.

So….all of this is coming to a conclusion soon.

I’ve been playing around with some fueling sources. Not today…obviously because I only ran 3 measly miles. But I got a package today that sparked this conversation.

So let’s look at the choices…..only all natural choices of course!

First up at 12 o’clock is a thing called Chomps. They have the consistency of a sticky-but-not-as-chewy gummy bear. They tasted pretty good (watermelon I think). Weird texture in my mouth while running though. You kind-of chewed them up? Disadvantage #1: they are sticky! This makes them difficult to get out of the package, and not conducive to packing in a running belt. Disadvantage #2: about 3 hours after your run… get the runs. (You’re welcome!)

Second in line is left-over strawberry cake with coconut butter cream icing….made by an incredible little Greek place & little ole Greek lady in Cocke County (yes, you read that right...Greek....Cocke County) called CJ Popadops. This was from last Saturday. Yes, it takes me that long to eat a whole piece of cake! Advantage #1: YUMMY!!! Advantage #2: Convenient for pre-run fueling. Advantage #3: It's the only option on this plate made with real milk, eggs, flour, etc. Disadvantage #1: you can’t really put it in a running belt and take it with you. Disadvantage #2: about 3 miles in, you really regret the coconut when your belch brings up little pieces of coconut vomit surprises. (You’re welcome!)

Third base is my old stand-by……GU. It is exactly as it sounds and looks....GU. Like swallowing something from "The Blob". Pineapple is my new favorite!!! Advantages: great fueling, no weird gastric problems associated with it so far. Disadvantage #1: When you open the package…it’s all or nothing. You eat the entire packet or throw it away. You can’t take some GU now, run another mile and then take some more GU. You wind up with really sticky hands.

Enter my new fueling source up fourth…..Sports Beans. Look a little like Jelly Belly Jelly Beans? They should! That’s who makes them. They basically take a regular jelly bean….add some vitamins (sounds healthy, right?), some salt and some caffeine……then JACK THE PRICE UP!!! Yep, we runners are just suckers. Advantages: great flavors, easy to carry in a fuel belt, resealable package which means you can eat a little now and a few more in another mile, they fit in the treadmill cup holder..and I'm sure a few more. Disadvantage #1: If you’re running and your pouch opens up….you’ll leave a trail of jelly beans behind you……like the Easter Bunny pooping jelly beans. Disadvantage #2: Did I mention that they JACK THE PRICE UP!!! And the only place I can find them in town is in Turkey Creek…the other side of the world.

OR for your convenience, you can order them online…..which leads me to my package.

MY JELLY BELLYS CAME TODAY!!!! MY JELLY BELLYS CAME TODAY!!!! I’ve been waiting for days!!!!

But I’m wondering about carrying them in my fuel belt while running……

….they are apparently fragile? So...they're only good for spring and fall runs??

Gotta run….


  1. Hahahaha !! I'm a "sweater" too. I sweat so hard in this climate when working outside in the summer that I literally look like I've taken a shower and forgot to dry off from whenever I start until a good while after I finish at night. Some people get so grossed out in this state that they have to shower multiple times a day to preserve their sanity. In my case, what would be the point because a) it's arguable as to whether or not I'm sane to begin with and b) five minutes after I start working again I might as well not have bothered.

  2. I wished I looked like I took a shower. Then it would look somewhat 'normal.' Unfortunately, my sweat likes to pool in certain I look like I peed my pants, sat down in a puddle and that I'm lactating. I mean really? Why couldn't I just sweat evenly?

  3. I'm a sport beans girl 100%. Good choice! It's worth it. Only a $1 to be fueled with no stomach issues. Definitely worth a $1.