Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I wonder as I wander: Chapter 2

Today's Miles: 0 - it's a yoga day!

Why do dogs roll in dead stuff?

This is one characteristic of my canine kids I do not understand….their distinction between what smells good and what smells bad. If a dog’s nose is 10,000 times stronger than our own, then how-in-everything-that-is-holy can a dog possibly think that rolling on a dead, rotting, stinking turtle is better than the smell of Green Apple scented dog shampoo?

My beloved Tuff LOVED to take a bath. I swear that dog didn’t like to stink….too much. He enjoyed an occasional roll in rotten silage, but would hit the showers as often as I’d give him a bath.

Now I have two loving pups that LOATHE bath time. Mocha has finely given in and will…ahem…”behave” and let me bathe her, after I force her in the shower and years of disciplining her for trying to jump out. Rascal acts like I’m beating him with red hot irons! Doggy bath days are always a bad day in my house.

And the first chance they get after a bath (of course after I force them to stay in the house until they are completely dry), they are looking for any stinking patch in the field. I just gave the dogs a bath on Sunday. Guess what Rascal found last night....yep, you guessed it. And I got to watch. He flipped over and all 4 feet were wildly running in the air while he’s squirming like a worm on hot ashes. Jump up, make sure you’re still on the spot…and repeat…3 times. I couldn't yell at him because he looked like the happiest puppy on the planet!

After running and hunting in the hay field, there are some days they come home and I gag because they smell so bad….

So again I ask, if their nose is 10,000 times stronger than ours….why aren’t they gagging???? 

How can they walk up on something that instantly causes me to throw up, and instead think to themselves “I don’t know what this was, but God himself must have laid it right here so I would find it. And he has blessed me with this sweet fragrant gift, so I must roll in it until my entire body has been anointed in its oil. Then I will proudly prance in front of everyone so that they too can enjoy my heavenly perfume.” 

Who came up with this theory that their noses are more sensitive than ours?

Maybe that’s why we don’t eat poop. Our noses just simply aren’t strong enough to smell its sweet aroma… 

Thank You Lord for small blessings.

Gotta run…..

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