Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What was I thinking??

Today's Miles: NONE. I'm recovering....
I’m brilliant an idiot. That’s my blessing curse. Just bloody brilliant stupid sometimes.

Last week I was off of my 10K training because I was sick. I’m not talking ‘just feeling a little under the weather’ kind of sick….I was ILL. But I’ll get to that another time.

So last Tuesday, June 28 was the last run I completed, and it was a train wreck. I shouldn’t have been running at all last week.

I started feeling better on Saturday but decided to give it a couple of days just to be sure….I did NOT want a repeat…plus it was a holiday weekend and hotter than hell...excuses, excuses. On Monday morning, I laced up my runners and hit the treadmill – b/c I could at least control the temperature and humidity in the house and it was MISERABLE at 7am on Monday. I just did a 3 miler with some walk breaks at each mile…just an easy run to ease back into the training. Smart right?? I told you....I'm brilliant! I know better than to go balls-to-the-walls after being sidelined for a week! That short 3 miler felt pretty good! I was a little sore later that day b/c I haven’t used these muscles in a week, but still felt good!

Yesterday is when the brilliance ended. I decided to get back on my training schedule, which included my normal Tuesday speed session at CHS track at the crack of dawn (okay, actually 7am b/c I couldn’t get motivated). Thank you Lord for making yesterday morning cloudy and foggy!

So on my schedule was 8x800’s with 800 recoveries. Translated = you run 800 meters (2x around track) at a fast sustainable pace, then do 800m at a slower “recovery” pace…..8 times. Sounded ambitious, but I’m feeling better so what the heck. Go for it!!!

4th rep: “Man, I’ve been out here a LONG time. Wonder what time it is??”

5th rep: “Holy crap, this is a long track session, what rep am I on? Crap! The insides of my thighs are getting chaffed – THAT’S GOING TO HURT!”

6th rep: “I can keep going all day like this! My legs have suddenly become numb to the pain! Wait….I can’t feel my legs? How slow/fast am I going? Oh wow, faster than I had planned. Yay!”

7th rep: “I need a banana. I’m starving.”

8th rep: “Jeez, I really hope this is the last rep b/c I can’t make it another round. Is this the last rep? Crap I've lost count. Hope my Garmin is keeping up. I think I’ve lost 5lbs in sweat and I look like I’m in a wet Tshirt contest. Wow. White shirt + blue bra can make you stand out. The guys walking around the track may enjoy this, but I look ridiculous. How long have I been out here!? Wait a minute – I don’t give a rat’s butt what I look like. I’m not walking out here – I’m doing a speed workout! Kick it in and finish this thing!”

I spent the rest of the day on the couch with the laptop doing market research and realized at some point….I haven’t peed in a LONG time. Let the rehydration begin!!

And with every trip to the refrigerator for water/Gatorade/OJ my legs reminded me of what a strenuous fabulous workout I had completed that morning. When I downloaded my Garmin later I realized what an athlete idiot I really am!

8x800’s w/ 800 recoveries sound ambitious??!! Maybe that’s because it turns out to be 8.5 FREAKING MILES!!

I just spent a week lying on the couch hoping death would visit soon, and I go out for a 8.5 mile run???!!!

I must be A Real Runner Idiot!

One that has REALLY sore legs today, but not as sore as I had anticipated… now I’m a proud Runner Idiot! I ran 8.5 miles yesterday!!

Me trying to rock a fuel belt. And yes, I run in a skirt.
Gotta run.......or just sit at my desk today....

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  1. or crawl ! You're looking fantastic, btw ! Except for the pain running seems to suit you pretty well !