Monday, June 27, 2011

I wonder as I wander: Chapter 1

Today's Miles: 4.5....I think. Garmin was dead so I guessed at it. But it was the slowest 4.5 ever. Migraine on Saturday night and little to drink on Sunday plus 72 degrees and 75% humidity at 6a.m. did not make for a good combo.

When I’m running, I have to find something to entertain me. Some days it’s my iPod. Some days even Pink & Lady Gaga can’t keep me entertained. So I wonder.

The nice think about running alone with your thoughts….if I’ve got a problem or trying to figure out how to do something at work, it’s the perfect time to sort all of that out in my head. But when things are going well and I’m not stumped on something – my mind wanders.Sometimes I can solve all the world's problems on a long run. Sometimes my mind just wanders off the reservation.

So one of the many things I've been contemplating on runs.... Which may reveal how twisted I really am…

Why do dogs eat poop?

No, Really. I’m serious…..WHY????

I’ve got one dog that has a sweet tooth. If he spies a bowl and even suspects it contains a dessert of any kind, he will try to win an Oscar for his begging performance. He’ll sit, with eyes wide open, ears perked up and back and tremble ever so slightly. Like whatever is in that bowl would be THE... BEST… PRESENT… E.V.E.R. On other occasions, he’ll lie on the floor in front of you and put his head in a near vertical position to get his chin to rest just on the edge of the couch, with the most pitiful – I’m. Dying…. From. Malnourishment….. I. Know….. Ice cream….. Would…. Save…. My…. Life… – kind of performance. He truly deserves an Academy Award.

My other dog, however, acts like a kid sneaking candy out of the cookie jar – you know, keep your head down low so no one will see it in your mouth, grab it and eat it on the run, but you’re so flipping excited you can’t control your giddiness (if she could giggle, she would). And she only does this when she’s eating POOP! 

We’ve not had any critters up on the hill behind our house for a few months. While we were on vacation, Dad had some cows and the donkeys up there for a few days. When we got back from vacation, I let the dogs go run in the field….and where did she go?! Yep, right up to the hill to sneak in some of those oh-so-delicious Field Biscuits. Now she’s up there every day, getting her fill. It’s like the never ending Easter Basket for her!! I'm surprised she didn't dig a hole under the fence and sneak up there every day while we were gone....just so she could get them hot and fresh!

Several months back, both pups go to the vet because one had tapeworms, and I assumed if one had it then there was a good chance they both did. I was told that I had to scoop their poop because after the medicine, if they ate their poop, they’d get re-infected.

Let me be clear on this….I do not scoop poop.

That is why I live in the country. So that my dogs can run to my brother’s yard and poop on his lawn. Love ya bro’!

Thankfully, my dog does not eat her own poop – she eats everyone else’s poop – cows, donkeys, horse, goose, deer, rabbit and who knows what else. I know she doesn't eat Rascal's poop. We all give it a 4' berth! Shhheeewwww! I do have a friend in Colorado whose dog carries around her own turds like a cigar hanging out of her mouth. I’m SO glad I don’t have one of THOSE dogs!

But I still don’t understand how I have one dog that’s a sugar addict, and another that’s a poop addict.

Gotta run…

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