Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm just a Dumbass Runner

Today's Miles: Haven't decided yet. Either 4 or 2 easy miles...depending on how well my legs have recovered from yesterday...

Yesterday just sucked…for awhile…then it was better…then it sucked again…then we had power…so all the world is right again…..

Like most in Knox County – I spent 20+ hrs without power. My ice cream melted – which totally pissed me off. But mostly it was a bad day because I couldn’t work. Blackberry was dead. Laptop battery was dead. No internet. So…doing work that I get paid to do just wasn’t going to happen – and I had stuff to do. Instead, I volunteered to help Dad clean up trees on fence rows and rebuild fence. Yes, I was that bored.

Brush Removal and Fence Repair 101 lasted until 2:30pm. After working out in the rain; then the sun; then the bluejeans-sticking-to-your-butt humidity – I NEEDED a shower. But still, no power which means no hot water which means no-way-in-hell-I’m-taking-a-cold-shower. So I laid down in the floor and took a short nap instead.

At 3:30pm I woke up and decided with some intensity, I’ve got to do my track workout because I didn’t do it on Tuesday! Because the world might end if I don't stick to my training plan. I’m already stinky so what’s a little more sweat going to matter?

I arrive at CHS track with cloudy skies and just a light drizzle – PERFECT. I get out on the track, get my warm-up stretches done, start around the track for a couple of warm-up laps…..and here comes the sun. Like torture bright. My response: “REALLY? It’s been cloudy all day and now you come out??”  (Yes, I talk out-loud to myself, to Mother Nature, to God, to anyone that may or may not be listening to some weird lady talking to herself.) Big. Mistake.

I’ve never run in a sauna before, but I’m certain what I experienced for my first set was exactly like running in a sauna. There was so much steam coming off the track that I couldn’t see the other end of the track!
At the end of my first set, Mother Nature felt sorry for me and gave me a break by covering up that sun with a beautiful cloud. 

During my third set, it started drizzling – “Thank YOU! This feels great!”

During my fourth set, it started thundering off in the distance. “OH COME ON! I’ve only got 2 more sets left!”

During set #5, here comes the rain…and more thunder. No longer a nice cooling drizzling rain. It. Was. Raining. “Bring it on! A little rain won’t scare me off!” Big. Fat. Mistake.

Set #6. It’s pouring and the wind is blowing and it’s really thundering…loudly. The rain drops feel like a thousand little bees are stinging me. My shorts are so wet they feel like diapers. And I’m certain that each of my shoes weighed over 2lbs each.

And all of a sudden, I’m over come with pride. Who else but A REAL RUNNER would be committed enough to get out here and finish their track workout in this kind of weather.

I’ll tell you who….a real dumbass.

“Please Lord, do not strike me dead because I’m such a dumbass for running in a thunderstorm.”
(Don’t judge me. Yes I sometimes cuss, and cuss during prayer. That’s a whole ‘nother discussion for another day.)

Despite it all, I finished my track workout. 6x800’s with 400m recovery in the blinding sun light, sauna and a thunderstorm….so you decide….A Real Runner or a Dumbass?

Gotta run.....


  1. I cuss during prayer too. I always thought it was kind of strange, but I'm hoping God understatands....