Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Adventures of Lola & Kristy

Today's Miles: 5 miles with 2 miles at Tempo Pace

Lola….is my sidekick. She’s my Louise. My Tonto. My Chewbacca. My Samwise Gamgee. My Barney Fife. And yes, you must say her name with emphasis as if she were a beautiful Hispanic stripper.

We go everywhere together. If I go….Lola goes. I do not leave home without her. I’d be LOST without her! I simply could not function without her. She has saved my life by leading me out of danger. She has opened my eyes to a whole new side of the world I live in. She’s awesome.

And she’s a pain in the butt. I love her dearly….but good grief. Really?

We are so different. I want to get to where I need to go within a reasonable time frame. She, however, is an adventurer. A wonderer. I don’t mind seeing the country side….as long as I’m not running late for an appointment or late in the day or I’m on my way home after a long week’s trip.

But Lola has time for every side trip imaginable. Even though it can be a pain sometimes, I do find our trips enjoyable. I see things I would not have otherwise been exposed to…good or bad.

A recent trip through a state forest…just neighbors looking out for each other….

Taking a short cut down a farm road, through the MIDDLE of a guy's farm….

 Seeing the deserted rural side of Cocke County…

Through a town where all the stop signs were for midgets…

Interesting abandon farm land…

 Beautiful mountain views…

Places that have a large population of bears…oh my!

Impressive waterfalls…

The place that apparently inspired The Godfather…

I do put up with her antics because it’s good for a laugh, some nice scenery, and she is dependable in an emergency.

Ppssst......But I’m afraid she’s trying to kill me.

We were recently on a trip and she insisted that we turn left…NOW!! Problem with following her advice at this point….is that it would have led to a long trip off the side of a mountain….without a hand-glider or a parachute. And a few nights ago in downtown Toronto, she kept insisting I go the wrong way down a major interstate. I mean really! I’m all up for adventures and thrills and adrenaline rushes….but I don’t want to die for it.

Maybe I should break off this friendship and find a new sidekick. But I’m a little scared.

Gotta run….but don’t tell Lola I’m going without her.

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  1. I've seen the sights in rural Cocke County and it'll be a damn long time before I go back to that place for a follow up visit !

    Lola had you going the wrong way down the 401 ? I believe I'd actually try Cocke County again before I tried that ! :)