Monday, July 2, 2012

Another day, another year older!

Today's Miles: Zero!!

Saturday, June 30 was my birthday!!

How old? ask.

You should never ask a lady how old she is!! 

When people ask me how old I am, I have to think and do some math. It's not one of those things I just know or think about or have on hand....Let's see....I was born in 197...

That's all you get. If you don't know how old I am already - it's not important. It's just a number. You are as old as you feel....

OH.... NO....

I'm a lot older than I thought!!

For my birthday -
  • I hobbled around on crutches because I'm too uncoordinated to go out jogging about like some young fool.
  • I went to a church cookout instead of being selfish and doing what I wanted to do.
  • I actually wanted rain for my birthday because holy crap we are so dry here.

What I got for my birthday - 
  • My first grey hair - WTF!? I color my hair??!!
  • Record breaking temperatures. 105F in Knoxville on Saturday. The heat index was reportedly set to...I don't know.....
  • And I have to mention that in honor of my birthday - my best friend got stung on her butt twice by a bumble bee. And now she has a third ass. That was the Best. Birthday. Present. Ever!
All jokes aside. It was a great day because I got to spend it with the one that matters most to me. He is the best present I've ever received. (And yes Babe, I'm talking about you....not the dog.)

UPDATE on my least favorite foot: It was HUGE Friday night after walking through 4 airports; being delayed & not getting home until 10pm. I broke out the crutches on Saturday morning to minimize the pressure on it. And I couldn't just "rest" and sit around all day (even if it was my birthday). I hobbled some more with them today. I've been icing a few times a day. Things are looking better. I'll see how it feels on Monday morning without the crutches and decide if I get to make a visit to my favorite foot Doctor.

As for now - no worries. If I miss out on this 10K coming up, I will be disappointed. But shit happens. As uncoordinated as I am, and as many times as I stumble and run into stuff just walking around, I'm honestly surprised it took this long for my first fall while running. It's my first. Surely won't be my last. Surely won't be my worst either.

Holy Moly!! I JUST HEARD THUNDER!!!  YAY!!!!!!

Gotta run...

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  1. Happy Birthday. Yes, I do know how old but gentlemen never tell. Well, unless there is money involved. Got a child to pay for now you know ! :)