Monday, May 16, 2011

The TP Express and Suites

Today's Miles: 5x1/2miles at 5K pace with 1/4mile recoveries on the Steady Tready b/c it was too dang hot & windy outside...

My Pappaw was convinced that a good BM every day would cure pretty much any ailment.

Upset stomach? "Have you had a BM today?"

Got a cold? "Have you had a BM today?"

Scratchy throat? "Have you had a BM today?"

I never really understood his logic....

What I have learned since starting my running quest is that it WILL keep you regular. In the most inappropriate times as well. Like during your run. I always wondered why road races would have a mile long stretch of porta-potties. Really - I understand hydrating before a run, but if you just pee it out....... it doesn't do you much good.....OH, those aren't for #1!?

Ever been in a porta-potty on a race course....OH. MY. LORD. One porta-potty used by a crew of 50 construction workers fed chili dogs and baked beans daily for 3 weeks would be like using a hole dug in a rose garden compared to race day porta-potties.

They call it Runner's Trots. I prefer to call it "Treadmill Interruptis" or "Pacing Porcelain". And it never fails during a morning run....

Which leads me to a new observation on being a road warrior. Some hotels advertise they have the 'Best Beds'. The Westin's Heavenly Bed is certainly the best night sleep I've ever had. The Holiday Inn Express' shower head is the 'Best Shower Head.' Some have a real hot breakfast, flat screens, fuzzy blankets, whatever....

If I owned and operated a hotel or a chain, the attraction would be.......the Best Toilet Paper on the Planet!

Seriously. If I'm paying $100 a night, don't you think they could spring for something that costs more than the $.50 roll of TP from the Dollar General?

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